Q: Are the views real?

A: Yes, all your views are coming from real and genuine sources, each view count you get are from real people.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: This depends on the size of your order, please see our YouTube pricing list

Q: Do you promote cover videos?

A: Yes, we promote all YouTube video types, kindly Get A Quote

Q: Is this only for YouTube Videos?

A: Yes, this service is only available for YouTube Contents only.

Q: Do I get likes, comments and subscribers also?

A: Yes, you get both likes, comments and subscribers from people who are in Love with your work. These are real people so the exact amounts of likes, comments, subscriber and views cannot be guaranteed.

Q: How long does it take to get my views?

A: This depends on the size of the order and Geo-location of your campaign. An average campaign of 100,000 views to a Worldwide target could take between 5 - 14 days to complete. In contracts a campaign of 100,000 targeted to Tanzania could take between 2 months to 5 months to complete. This is mainly due to the facts that we only target real people.

Q: What countries are my views coming from?

A: This totally depends on you. You would have specified this when you were getting your quote.

Q: Can I promote multiple videos?

A: Of course, you can promote as many YouTube videos as you want to. Kindly proceed to Get A Quote

Q: How do I get more ROI?

A: If you have a sync license on your video from a third party website then just Get A Quote and we will sort that out for you. We will have a schedule meeting with you to check out which countries are paying the best rates.

Q: Is this service Ad-sense Safe?

A: Yes, if you have a sync license on your video then it is Ad-sense Safe, If you have a normal YouTube account and you turn ON the monetize option then running this campaign whilst the monetize is ON is fine. Please Note: If you have never had a significant growth on your account before, google might temporarily suspend your ad-sense account to verify the audience engagement. This is mainly because Ad-sense Terms and Conditions is really strict with their traffic sources.

Q: How is your services different from YouTube Ads?


  1. Our services are cheaper and highly targeted to your channel type.
  2. We use agents to get you the best quality audiences from your targeted location and also around the World.
  3. We use websites and blogs to drive high quality traffic to you.

Q: Why is the number of audience engagement received on my tracker link different from my video count?

A: Since these are real people some people my only view your video for a few seconds before leaving it. YouTube does not count the views till the viewer watch about 25% of the video.